Services of a Business Representative

We can provide tailor-made solutions for small and medium sized enterprises around the world. Our services include Marketing, Consulting, Distributing, Warehousing and Business Representation.

Business Representation

When foreign companies try to enter India they often make one mistake. They appoint a manager that is busy with setting up and managing an office but often they forget to keep their focus on sales. With our Business Representation Service we can be your office, warehouse, and telephone answering service, so your employees can focus on selling your products. HYMN EXIM International Business Division is your staffed office in India. We offer you the opportunity to have your corporate office in the India for a fraction of the cost. If you are considering setting up your own business in India, HYMN EXIM International Business Division can help you with specialized assistance to give you a fast start.

HYMN EXIM International Business Division offers global companies wishing to enter Indian market a unique business representation service. These services are designed for firms that do not yet have sufficient knowledge of, or experience in, the Indian market, or simply do not need a full time office in India.

HYMN EXIM International Business Division services are also available to companies that may need, for a limited period of time, the help of an organization to set up a permanent distribution network. The business representation service enables you to keep usually high personnel and overhead costs at a reasonable level.

Most importantly, our service allows you to concentrate on marketing your products rather than spending your valuable time in setting up your office. Through the business representation service HYMN EXIM International offers you a low-cost, low-risk possibility to begin your operations in India.


We can assist you with your marketing and business communication. Our services range from editing sales literature, creating sales letters and actual mailing of letters and samples to potential customers. We can change your existing literature to Indian market needs. We translate, format according to Indian sizes and distribute as you wish via mail, email, etc.

User Manuals

We can also assist you with your product instructions, user manuals etc. It is very important that you do not make any false claims in this sort of literature. If requested we can we can have it "proof read" by a business lawyer. We are able to save you time and money if we prepare your documents before you send them to your business lawyer.

Competition and Distribution information

India is the world's fastest growing economy. Entering this market can be very advantageous. Our Market Research reports are tailor-made for each customer and range from competitor analysis studies to market feasibility studies to market entry studies.

Our market research report can include information regarding your major competitors, as well as how and where their products are being distributed in India. If requested by your company, we can purchase competing products and review the products, instruction manuals etc. and forward this to your company together with a comprehensive competitor analysis. This includes extensive company information and detailed product descriptions.

Purchasing Assistance

Exchange rate fluctuations, market demand and corporate policy can create international supply and demand. HYMN EXIM International Business Division can assist you with purchasing and testing products in India and shipping them worldwide. Products can be sourced in India and shipped overseas are electronics, automotive parts, tools, hardware, antiques and art products, both for consumers as well as for the business to business market.

Partner Search

Finding the right partner in India usually takes time and various criteria need to be met. We can assist you in this matter. We can perform Partner Searches based on your requirements. Searches can be done by Geographic Location, size of business, number of years in business, business performance etc.

We also conduct Credit-worthiness and Business Background Checks. In this case we often search a multitude of databases including but not limited to Government Databases, Dunn and Bradstreet, etc.

Finance & Accounting

We can assist you with your book keeping and accounting issues as well as receiving your payments (checks) to ensure they are deposited in your bank account as soon as possible. If inventory is held at our premises we will keep a detailed log of all transactions which can be entered into any desired accounting program. We work closely with various accounting firms, business lawyer and banks. Please contact us if you need a referral.


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