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As growth opportunities abate in your own domestic markets, attention is shifting to new and emerging economies, where cost of producing goods at a relatively right price for your economy is perfect. Numbers of western companies have received substantial rewards by sourcing from India while others are still wondering about the opportunities that are lying ahead.
India, the fourth largest economy in the world, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for global companies with the right products, services, and commitment to source.

India's ability to understand business, infrastructure, communication, business friendly people makes it the best choice amongst quality product manufacturers. India's GDP has potential for a sustained growth of 10-12% for the next decade. The government is supporting Indian businesses. Now is the time for global companies to source their requirement from India.

One might think that global markets are accessible only to large companies with the deepest pockets. However, HYMN EXIM's experience shows that smaller companies (SMEs) also have potential to succeed in international trade due to their flexibility and nimbleness.

In order to succeed for sourcing from India, global companies must carefully plan and execute their buying strategy since India is such a complex and challenging country.


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