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FAQ for Indian Clients

we would assist Indian SMEs to market their products globally.

FAQs For Indian SMEs Interested To Go Global


How Does HYMN EXIM Work With Us?

HYMN EXIM would first like to:

What Will Be Your Marketing Tool?

That is left to our experts. Our team will approach the right channels in the countries that we have decided.

How Are We Suppose To Remunerate HYMN EXIM?

Normally, we do not charge beyond the pricing given to us provided it is correct for the end customer and us.
A serious exercise is undertaken at the beginning and then every year when there is presentation made to you for our growth plans related to your product[s]. In case there are any additional expenses to be incurred, those are specified in advance.

How Do We Know Whether We Are Growing Or Not?

For us business growth is as sacred a phenomenon as much as it is with you. We have monthly review mechanism internally, supervised by the undersigned for all of our business divisions, heads, products and product lines. Everything is measured against forecasts and deliberated upon what went wrong in case of misses and what needs to be done in next one month.
The report is then forwarded as is to our principals' for their suggestions. Every year the business heads meet the principal supplier, once in three months, for review by the principal suppliers.

How Are We Assured That You Would Not Take Competetive Products?

The association is based on principals which we believe in. in short our association would be principle centered.
Please read our values and business philosophy.
We follow our values to its core. In case we are dis-satisfied with any of our principal then we would sit across the table and sign off helping each other rather than taking a legal recourse. In the same way we expect reciprocating treatment from our principals too.

What Should We To Go Ahead?
Please fill up the form here and our INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REPRESENTATION EXECUTIVE will get in touch you.


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